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Welcome, guest/inquirer! All are welcome at Wildwind Church! 

We have an area on our site that is just for you called the Visitor Center. On this page you will find a collection of content from all across the site that applies particularly to you as a guest, or new inquirer. If the stuff on that page does not address your question(s), there will be a way to drop us a note.

But first, we want you to know one important thing about us. We are flawed, all of us, and we know it. If you are looking for a community of imperfect people who will accept and love you for who you are, and help you learn to hear God, you are looking in the right place.

Now on to the Visitor Center!

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Who We Are Becoming
Series: Wildwind Rebooted
Key Speaker: David Flowers
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For parents

  • What do I do with my baby?
    We have a nursery equipped with people who love babies and are good with them, and you are welcome to leave your baby there.  If you prefer to keep your baby with you, that is fine too.  If during the service your baby gets fussy, please do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, as we are a family church!  Just slip out quietly to the lobby area.  It is wired with a speaker so you can tend to your baby and still hear what's happening in the service.  Feel free to come back in when your baby is ready.
  • What is your children's program like?
    Our chidlren's program features both small and large group activities.  Wildwind believes all people should be connected closely to a group of friends who can support them and this is how we encourage this among our children. The goal is always to help kids understand more about God and to see them commit to serving him with their lives.  Our staff is trained and committed to children.  We believe your child will love our program.
  • When do I pick up my children?
    Little ones in the nursery can stay right until the end of the service, then parents need to pick them up in the nursery. When the children's service gets out, children will be brought back to the auditorium. Parents, please keep your child with you at that time, or designate another adult for your child to sit with. It is critical that we not have children running back and forth between seats in the auditorium as we are wrapping up our service.
  • I have children older than fifth grade. What does Wildwind have for them?
    We have a teen program for those in grades 6-12. It is led by passionate and well-trained adult volunteers. Teen services are Sunday mornings at the same time as the adult service. Everyone begins in the auditorium, then we dismiss teens and children to go to their programs. 

    There are monthly social events for both high school and middle school. In addition, there is a small group for high schoolers which meets on Sunday evenings. There is currently no middle school small group.



  • Can I be part of Wildwind without becoming a member?
    Absolutely!  Some of Wildwind's most dedicated people are not currently members of our church.  We cannot imagine our community without them.  Yet most of them are moving toward membership and looking forward to the time when they will be ready to take this step.

    The difference between being a member and not being a member is not that members are better, more holy, more spiritually evolved, or anything like that.  Members are simply people who say, "I embrace the values and purpose of this church and I commit to partner with these people to fulfill that purpose."  Membership involves commitment and accountability.

    If you don't want to pursue membership, don't.  If you want to see what it's all about, attend Discovery where it's spelled out clearly for you.

  • What are the commitments for membership at Wildwind?
    No one has to be a member at Wildwind.  For those who wish to pursue membership, we ask for two commitments in each of two key areas of life:

    1. Connect to God through serving Jesus Christ as the leader of your life.
    2. Connect to others through partipation in a small group.

    1. Contribute your time by serving in a Wildwind ministry using the gifts and skills God has given you (which we'll help you find if you're unsure!)
    2. Contribute your money by supporting Wildwind financially.  The members of an organization must be committed to helping it grow and succeed.


Small Groups

  • My last church didn't teach anything about being in a small group.  Why does Wildwind encourage it so much?
    Wildwind encourages all our people to be in a small group because people can be impressed from a distance, but they can only be impacted from up close.  The Sunday morning service can inspire you, get you pumped up, and teach you some important things, but it cannot replace a network of personal relationships.

    As Wildwind gets larger it will naturally become more difficult to connect with others and build relationships.  Small group participation will assure that every person has the opportunity to have a network of friends to share life's journey with.

    If after this explanation you still do not understand why it is so important, that is because you have probably never been part of an effective small group before.  All we ask is that you give it a try.  Everyone who has ever joined a group has been nervous at first -- that is a natural feeling.  But everyone who has ever done it has also understood very quickly why we encourage it so much!

    Get information on small groups here.

Worship Service

  • What are your services like?
    Church at Wildwind is different from most church experiences.  In itself this is neither good nor bad - just factual.  If you have been to other churches before and enjoyed it, you may or may not appreciate Wildwind.  If you have not been to church much before, or if you have never felt very comfortable in most churches, Wildwind may be for you. 
  • What do I wear?
    Wear whatever you want.  Most of us wear jeans and t-shirts, but if you like to dress up, dress up.  It doesn't matter at all.
  • What is your music like?
    Drums, guitars, etc.  We just play what we like to hear in worship.  It's not like heavy metal, but it's not traditional either.  Most important, it's well done.  Our band has been together a long time, they are good friends, and they know what they are doing and are an important part of Wildwind's environment.
  • What time is your service?
    Sundays, 10 a.m.
  • Am I going to be hounded for money?
    Nope.  Never.  Period.  That doesn't mean we don't ever TALK about money.  We do, since it's one of the biggest things that messes up our lives.  But no, we'll never hound you.
  • What if I want to contribute something?
    There's a box in the back with a slot in it.  We do not take offerings at Wildwind.

2008 Wildwind at River of Life

April 12, 2008.  Our first night at the River of Life facility.

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